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Network Development and Design:

We develop existing networks to support changes in business volume and transactions. We design new network systems to support requirements of our clients, we also assist clients to phase installations to cope with liquidity positions and also suggest to our clients viable means of financing their network improvement programmes.

Network Installation and Site Management:

We work in collaboration with suppliers of various network parts and components. In this regard our services are limited to installation and site management to ensure property security as well as supervision of quality of work by subcontracted teams.

Network management:

Our services in this area include undertaking trouble shooting and systems Audit and identification of remedial measures, regular system checks and compilation of appropriate monitoring reports for clients. In view of these circumstances we undertake network management under explicit network management as an outsourced service by clients.

Project Management:

We offer consultancy and project management services to our esteemed clients. CTCL gets involved in all stages of implementation of the key projects to clients, i.e. from initiation, pre-planning and planning, design, execution, monitoring and controlling to the final completion stage. CTCL has a pool of key staff that are highly trained and qualified to assume project management duties with expertise in popular methodologies such as incremental, phased and interactive approaches. CTCL management team plays a key role in overseeing successful, timely production of best deliverables to our esteemed clients. The management also stands to ensure appropriate allocation and utilization of resources, which extends to excellent satisfaction in meeting client’s goals.

Training Services:

 CTCL  organizes and provides training to ICT managers and planning for the delivery of appropriate knowledge for managing network resources ICT services. Training provided equips network managers, ICT administrators and systems engineers with sufficient practical inspiration that enables them to utilize best practices of network management in their respective work places. CTCL had previously organized iDirect training which brought on to the table various technical leads and systems engineers to learn and implement of iDirect satellite data communications.