Clalon Group (CG) is a private company established in July 2009. We are registered as a Building Contractor,
Civil Works Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Specialist Electrical (deals with ICT, Telecommunication & Security)
and Specialist Mechanical (deals with heat, ventilation and air condition). Also in In CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY
CG is involved into two sectors: Non-residential, which has three sub-sectors (heavy industrial, institutional
and commercial, engineering) and Residential.
CG is primarily owned by professional entrepreneurs with experience in the business sector. We are highly
specialized in high performance in construction and ICT solutions. We are highly focusing on diverse
markets ranging from corporate business to small and medium enterprises. Our experience comes from
the various projects for which CG had been engaged from her inception. These solutions are designed to
empower organizations to operate perform and attain the best available within their budgets.
Clalon Group FOCUSES on growth. In this respect, we highly invest in the development of the talents of our
staff for which we believe to be the key success of our competitiveness and growth within the market. On
the other hand, we put more emphasis on developing scalable solutions that will enact our customers to
grow thus provide them sufficient room for long-lived operations.



Empowering the emerging economies with affordable and manageable ICT solutions

Mission and values

To safely deliver any project, in any environment on time and within budget to benefit our customers and the communities we serve.

Service clarion charter

Sustainable development in technology that empowers your business operations